Horizontal directional drilling

The company uses modern technologies in the production of construction and installation works, including the method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for trenchless laying of communications.

The main distinguishing feature of HDD technology is the ability to change the direction of drilling during the process, which allows wells to be drilled along a given trajectory, bypassing underground obstacles and exiting at a given point. It uses a modern location system.

The use of various specialized drilling tools allows for laying in geotechnical conditions typical for the Republic of Belarus, including in winter conditions.

Ditch Witch JT3020 All Terrain®

The horizontal length of underground communications is up to 300 m.

The rig is capable of operating in two modes: drilling soft soils (the rig has the characteristics and capabilities of the JT30 installation) and drilling rocky soils (including monolithic and fragmented rocks, crushed stone, pebbles).

Length 5.57 m
Width 2 m
Height 2.91 m
Weight with full cassette 9625 kg
Carriage mounting angles 10-16 °
Entry angle 19.4 °
Departure angle 17.7 °
Cassette capacity 35 rods
Weight of cassette with rods 2084 kg
Drill rod
Length 2.85 m
Outer rod connection diameter 83 mm
Outer rod body diameter 57 mm
Minimum bending radius 53 m
Weight with inner bar 45 Kg
Performance characteristics
Inner spindle (drill bit) rotation speed 400 rpm
External spindle rotation speed (mechanical motor housing, expander) 225 rpm
Inner spindle torque 1085 Nm
Outside spindle torque 5423 Nm
Carriage speed 37 m / min
Tightening force 134 kN
Punching force
in rock drilling mode 73 kN
in the mode of drilling soft soil 110 kN
CUMMINS QSB4.5 direct injection four-cylinder water-cooled turbodiesel (Tier III)
Volume 4.5 l
Power at 2400 rpm 156 h.p.
Setting the speed limiter 2300 rpm
Drilling fluid supply system
Performance 0-189 l / min
Maximum pressure 103 bar
Volumes of filled liquids
Hydraulic oil tank 102 l
Fuel tank 159 l

Watch a short video of how the HDD installation works:

Ditch Witch JT520

The horizontal length of underground utilities is up to 80 m.

The Ditch Witch JT520 ultra-compact horizontal directional drilling rig is designed for trenchless installation of utility lines and cases for communication cables over short distances.

Length 2.97 m
Width 0.9 m
Height 1.7 m
Bec with full boom 1352 kg
Drill rods
Length 1.5 m
Connection diameter 44.5 mm
Body diameter 28 mm
Minimum bending radius 21.3 m
The weight 7.25 kg
Performance characteristics
Maximum spindle speed 195 rpm
Spindle torque 678 Nm
Pushing force 2000 kg
Thrust 2220 kg
Pilot hole diameter 63 mm
Maximum expansion diameter 102 mm
Ground travel speed 2.46 km / h
Three-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine Kubota D1105B-1
Volume 1.12 l
Power at 3000 rpm 25 h.p.
Drilling fluid supply system (built-in)
Performance 0-18.9 l / min
Pressure 34.5 bar
Hydraulic system
Performance 95 l / min
Installing the safety valve 190 atm
Volumes of filled liquids
Hydraulic reservoir 30 l
Fuel tank 38 l
Engine lubrication system 4 l