Construction of networks, systems and communication facilities

A full range of services, including horizontal directional drilling and testing of cables of all types.

About company

For more than 50 years, Minsktelecomstroy OJSC has been building networks, systems and communication facilities throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus, performing tests in its own accredited production laboratory.

Hundreds of projects of various sizes have been implemented, valuable experience has been accumulated. The company has the largest fleet of special equipment, and highly qualified specialists are ready to solve problems of any complexity.

The company includes 4 production sites, a production laboratory and a production base for the placement of cars, tractors and construction equipment.

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Construction and reconstruction of networks, systems and communication facilities

International, intercity, area and local telecommunications; radio, telephony and telephony; installation and adjustment of automatic telephone exchange.

Electrophysical and electrical tests in a certified laboratory

Electrophysical measurements of copper and fiber optic cables, electrical measurements of power cables and circuits.

Laying of communications using the method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

Trenchless Utilities with Ditch Witch Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs.

Production sites


g.p. Ratomka, st. Zaslavskaya, 8A

+375 17 513-87-31


Borisov, st. Panfilova, 47

+375 177 96-55-09


Slutsk, st. Lenin, 3-a

+375 1795 5-44-62


Molodechno, st. Sharangovich, 66

+375 176 73-34-64



Registration of documents without leaving home, important information with delivery to the «Personal Account»: what other advant

From January 1, 2021, we will begin the transition to the use of biometric documents. Instead of the usual paper passports, a plastic ID-card will be used to verify the identity, on the chips of which all personal information and biometric data are stored. However, an ID-card is not only and not so much an identity document...


Happy Builder's Day!

Dear colleagues and partners of the open joint-stock company Minsktelecomstroy! I congratulate you on your professional holiday - Builder's Day! The construction sector has always been and remains one of the most demanded, interesting, promising, but at the same time it is hard work, huge responsibility, the need for development and self-improvement...


INFORMATION of JSC «Minsktelekomstroy» on completed transactions

INFORMATION of the open joint-stock company Minsktelekomstroy about transactions with 5 and more percent of ordinary (ordinary) shares of its own issue Full name and location of the joint stock company: Open Joint Stock Company Minsktelekomstroy, Republic of Belarus, 220037, Minsk, st. Annaeva, 49 / 1-1 Date of crediting ordinary (ordinary) shares to the depot account: 08.06...

Manufacturing laboratory

The production laboratory of Minsktelecomstroy OJSC is accredited in the RB Accreditation System for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025-2001, STB ISO 9001-2001.

Subscriber lines of local telephone networks

  • Electrical resistance of subscriber lines circuits to direct current
  • Asymmetry of resistances of conductors of subscriber lines to direct current
  • Electrical resistance of insulation of cores, wires, sheath (hose) of subscriber lines
  • Working capacity of subscriber line circuits

Areas of laboratory accreditation:

Grounding devices:

  • Resistance of grounding devices
  • Soil resistivity
  • Checking the connections of ground electrodes with grounded elements with measurement of the contact resistance of the contact connection
  • Checking the "phase-zero" circuit in electrical installations up to 1000 V with a dead neutral ground

Apparatus, power and lighting networks, secondary circuits of alternating and direct current with voltage up to 1000 V

  • Insulation resistance
  • Testing the "phase-zero" circuit of power and lighting networks

Grounding of station and line structures

  • Resistance of the grounding device

Fiber optic communication lines

  • ESC attenuation
  • Attenuation at connectors
  • ESC attenuation reduced to 1 km length
  • Optical fiber length
  • Kilometric attenuation

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Qualified specialists

All specialists have undergone special training, have the appropriate certificates and approvals. Huge work experience allows us to solve the most complex problems in the shortest possible time.

Own fleet of special equipment

Our company has one of the largest parks, more than 100 units of equipment. This means that your order will be completed quickly, technologically, safely and efficiently.

State prices for services

Due to the high quality of the work performed and the democratic pricing policy, we are ready to make our clients one of the best offers on the Belarusian market.


Minsktelecomstroy OJSC has all the necessary certificates and certificates of conformity to the requirements of Belarusian and international standards and systems, as well as the necessary licenses for the right to carry out activities.

The living indicators of the quality of our services are the uninterrupted operation of the constructed and installed objects, a solid official guarantee, and a growing list of the company's regular customers.