Velcom will build the largest data center in Belarus: 800 posts, 10 petabytes of data and cooperation with Huawei


Velcom has already informed about the plans to build its own data center in Minsk. Today velcom CFO Denis Filazafovich told more about the project: 800 posts, 10 petabytes of data and cooperation c Huawei. Read more in the article.

Located data center of velcom will Kolodishchi. By the way, not far from the data center beCloud. However, it is difficult to tell whether the data centers to compete. The situation will clear up after their discovery.

His work data center will begin in October 2016. This project will invested about $ 30 million. "It's not a business that will bring a quick profit. The company expects that the project will pay for itself within five years. "

Offer corporate clients with their own data center, velcom diversifies its business. DPC from velcom will have a level of reliability Tier 3 standard Uptime Institute, and it should start in 2016. Data center velcom will be designed for 800 racks. Take advantage of the services will be able to both Belarusian companies and customers from abroad.

According to the CFO, the company will provide data center services for export. The process of selecting a general contractor of the project was long. As a result, the contract was awarded to Huawei. Her work will be carried out "turnkey".

It was impossible not to take advantage of the situation and asked if velcom tariffs raise prices. According to Denis Filazafovich while this is not in the plans: "Reducing the average ticket price is also not expected, but bear in mind that Internet customers began to enjoy anytime, anywhere. So long as rates remain unchanged, but the cost per unit of the Internet in the future will be reduced. "