ITU: 49 countries have already switched to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting


Resolution of the Council of Ministers on June 17, 2015 № 505 approved the Regulations on the procedure for distribution of TV programs included in the package of mandatory public television. Regulations determined that the public broadcasting of the package in the country made RUE "Byelorussian Broadcasting Center" in digital format and in the public domain.

Distribution package made public on the terms of the contract for the provision of telecommunication services and (or) the lease of technical equipment, concluded between the legal entity which is entrusted with functions of the editorial board of the media (his authorized representative) and the telecommunications operator or provider of telecommunication services.

In order to ensure the quality of the television signal broadcast in the country's telecommunications networks operators and providers of telecommunication services, access to public television signal TV package will be provided by ground communication channels.

The Regulation also stipulates the procedure for bringing the public packet telecommunications operator, provider of telecommunication services to the public packet subscriber terminal device.

The decision comes into force from July 1, 2015.