Information resource


The Ministry of Communications and Information informs stakeholders about the information resources for assessing the quality of data services on telecommunication networks.

This information resource is developed in the framework of the resolutions of the Council of Ministers on September 26, 2013 № 843 "On amendments and additions to the Rules of telecommunication services" and is intended to provide technical possibility of subscribers and users of data services provided by the wireline technology ( stationary) access of the assessment of the current level of quality of service data for compliance with the parameters of quality of data services defined in the agreement for their provision, as well as the requirements of regulatory and technical regulations.

Please note that the evaluation results obtained using the information resource is for information only, and allows subscribers to obtain the necessary background information on the current parameters characterizing the quality of data transmission services.

Information resource available at and posted on the home page of the Ministry of Communications and JSC "Giprosvyaz." The formation and operation of an information resource, as well as performing other organizational and administrative activities related to its operation, provided of "Giprosvyaz."

Reference: QoS - (eng. Quality of Service - Quality of Service (Service) terms used in ITU-T Recommendation E.800 and defining a set of characteristics of telecommunications services relating to the ability to set and meet the perceived needs of service users.