Testing by the accredited industrial laboratory

• Communication cable lines with metal strands

     - electric capacity of a circuit

     - electric resistance of strands (loop)

     - resistances asymmetry of strands

     - electric insulation resistance

     - crosstalk attenuation between circuits;

• Ground connection of station and line communication structure

     - resistance of ground grid

• Optical cable communication lines

     - optical cable attenuation

     - attenuation on connectors

     - optical length

• Electrical installations to 1 kV, including cable lines

     - insulation resistance

     - contact voltage

• Ground connections of electrical installations

     - resistance of ground connections

     - ground specific resistance

     - testing presence of circuit between:

                        - grounding electrode and grounding elements

                        - grounding installations and elements of the grounding installations

     - testing of protection in electrical installations up to 1 ê at a power supply system 

       with deaf grounding of neutral by measurement of a current of single-phase locking on

       the case or the neutral wire

• Grounding electrode intended for protection against storm voltage surges

     - resistance of grounding connections