Industrial laboratory

p0025_242x164_0.jpgIndustrial laboratory is structural division of JSC «Minsktelecomstroy» and it was established on the basis of director’s order in 2004.

The industrial laboratory is accredited in System of accreditation of Republic Belorussia on technical competence according to demands STB ISO/MEK 17025-2001, STB International Organization for Standardization 9001-2001.

In its activity the industrial laboratory is guided by current legislation and guidelines published by the government of Byelorussia and Gosstandart, documents of the Ministry of Communications and Information of Republic Belorussia, system of quality of industrial laboratory, the company statute, methods of measurement performance and job descriptions.

The system of quality in industrial laboratory provide reliability and objectivity of measurement results. The description of system of quality is brought in Quality manual.

p0026_242x164_0.jpgThe structure and laboratory supply match demands installed by system of accreditation of Republic Belorussia.

The primary task of the accredited industrial laboratory is testing and measurements according to accreditation area.

The sphere of activity of industrial laboratory includes test operation of following measurements and tests:
• Measurement of loop resistance, asymmetry, insulation, crosstalk attenuation of copper cables of communication.
• Ground resistor measurements.
• Measurement of attenuation of an optical cable, attenuation on connections, an optical length of optical cables.
• Measurement of line and group transmission channels.
Accreditation area included different kinds of tests: communication cable lines with metal veins; groundings station and the communication line structure; communication optical cable lines.
According to the primary task laboratory carries out following functions:
• test operation and measurement;
• registration and assertion of reports by results of tests and measurements;
• development, actualization and perfection of measurement performance procedures;
• development and a realization of innovations, high technology and rationalization proposals;
• realization of a binding of installations and registration of executive documentation.
• organization of timely maintenance, repair and checking of measurement instrumentation;
• improvement of qualification and professional skill of technicians.

Highly skilled technicians works in industrial laboratory, capable to carry out all kinds of works according to accreditation area.

In industrial laboratory there is a full spectrum of the technical equipment.

Name and type


Universal analyser modular SunSet MTT-ASM