About company

JSC "Minsktelecomstroy" has been formed on December, 13th, 1996. Formation has been coupled to stock process and simultaneous extraction from composition of rent trust " Belsviazstroy ". SSMU-7 have been gated out from trust " Belsviazstroy " composition in the capacity of the independent managing subject with giving to it the status of the legal person according to clause 108 of the Law «About the enterprises in Republic Belorussia ». And since 1966 the history of SSMU-7 inseparably linked with trust "Belsviazstroy" where SSMU-7 was one of leading and profitable divisions.

For today 4 linear industrial departments (Ratomsky, Borisovsky, Slutsky, Molodechensky), industrial laboratory and industrial base on allocation of cars, tractors and the building engineering enters into structure of our company.

Our primary services:



- Designing and construction of networks, systems and communication  constructions
- Fiber-optic communication lines
- Telephonization
- Cable Television
- Local Area Network
- Testing of electric measurements copper and fiber-optic communication lines by accredited industrial laboratory

The quality management system is certificated.


Our customers:

• Brest branch of RUE "Beltelecom", 
• Vitebsk branch of RUE "Beltelecom", 
• Gomel branch of RUE "Beltelecom", 
• Grodno branch of RUE "Beltelecom",
• Minsk branch of RUE "Beltelecom", 
• Mogilyov branch of RUE "Beltelecom", 
• Branch "Long distance communication" of RUE "Beltelecom", 
• Branch "Minsk trunk communication network" of RUE "Beltelecom", 
• JSC "Beltransgaz", 
• JSC "Beltruboprovodstroy", 
• JSC "Gazpromstroyengineering", Russian Federation, 
• Open Company "BelSel", 
• JSC "BeST", 
• The Union «Belarus Railway», 
• RUE «Beldorsvjaz»,
• JSC "Soligorskpromstroy", 
• Company "DeTeLine", Germany.


The today's condition in construction of a communications facilities is defined by a serious competition in this area. Participation in tenders became rate for the factory. JSC "Minsktelecomstroy" constantly masters new directions of activity, modern production engineering, finds new commodity markets for products, develops contiguous manufactures. All it allows the company to realize the most complicated projects in short terms and with excellent results.